Venturi VBB-3 – the world’s most powerful electric car, aiming to exceed 600 km/h

The Venturi VBB program is a partnership with the Ohio State University, which has so far set two international land speed records for an electric vehicle: 303 mph (487 km/h) in 2009 and 307 mph (495 km/h) in 2010

The “Venturi Buckeye Bullet Racing” is back this on the Bonneville Salt Flats to try to beat its own world land speed record with a new streamliner, aiming for more than 600 km/h.

“Because the VBB-3 is a fantastic test bed for electric powertrains subjected to extreme conditions and environments, this new records program represents a truly strategic R&D initiative for Venturi.

The Venturi VBBs belong to a long tradition of record-breaking electric vehicles. Also known as the Venturi Jamais Contente, it pays homage to Camille Jenatzy’s electric car, the first to have broken the legendary 100 km/h barrier.”

With attempts delayed due to conditions, the team had time for a visit from their patron Prince Albert of Monaco, who unveiled the latest streamliner: the Venturi VBB-3, the world´s most powerful electric car.

After two years of development, the land speed record vehicle was supposed to run on the salt flats of Bonneville over the past few days, but due to poor weather conditions the FIA had to cancel these attempts.

Prince Albert, therefore, offered his support to the entrepreneur from Monaco, Gildo Pallanca Pastor, president of Venturi Automobiles. The company is a leader in the field of high performance electric vehicles and holds since 2010, the FIA world land speed record for an electric vehicle at 495 km/h.

At this occasion, the designs and the technological innovations at the heart of the project were explained at length to the Prince and the Princess. See a video below for some of the technical spec.

Real laboratory for technology, the Venturi VBB-3 is the result of an extensive collaboration started in 2009 between Venturi Automobiles and Ohio State University. This third generation of Venturi “Jamais Contente’ is the most powerful, fully electric car ever built, and is striving to exceed 600 km/h by 2014.

Gildo Pallanca Pastor: “I am proud of sharing with the Prince Sovereign and the Princess the launch of this new sportive, technological and environmental challenge. It is truly thrilling to work on such a project to help tomorrow´s mobility to progress.’

Video (in French)…


Since 2000, VENTURI has been pursuing a sustained electric vehicle innovation policy. It is a pioneer in electric sports cars and harnesses the most advanced technology available that is just as relevant to urban vehicles as it is to very high performance cars.


The Ohio State Center for Automotive Research (OSU CAR) is the preeminent research center in sustainable and safe mobility in the United States and an interdisciplinary research center in the College of Engineering. OSU CAR research focuses on: advanced electric propulsion and energy storage systems; advanced engines and alternative fuels for reduced fuel consumption and emissions; intelligent transportation and vehicular communication systems; autonomous vehicles; noise, vibrations, and dynamics; vehicle chassis systems; and vehicle and occupant safety. OSU CAR also provides facilities and support for five automotive undergraduate student project teams and focuses its mission on worldwide dissemination of technical knowledge for and with clients and partners.

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