Is the US army going to replace the HUMVEE with an EV ?
HUMVEEV maybe.

The vehicle which is classed as a ULV (Ultra-light vehicle) – which is obviously relative, because it weights over 6,350kg – is an electric primary-drive hybrid, with Diesel engines to charge the batteries and run the motors, much like a diesel-electric train.

And much like the US forces controversial and continued support for Biofuels; this isn’t about going green, it’s about fuel security and logistics.

The US military have all manner of portable power systems in use and being trialed, including solar stations and portable fuel cells.

This vehicle might use those as a source of power in the field, but actually it’s designed as a “power distribution system” in it’s own right: park it up and power off it: handy.

It will be quiet when running on batteries I suspect, which means it’s probably been in use for the past 10 years by the S.E.A.L’s, but they’ve kept it all black-ops.

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