Bless google translate, as my Norwegian is a little rusty – Norway’s motoring website has reported that the Tesla Model S is Norways best selling EV, due I’m sure to very heavy subsidization. Tesla’s blog has a whole long thread on this too.

[the model S] in the first week of September has a market share of 6.1%, which is more than the VW Golf (4.9%) and Mazda CX-5 (4.2%).

That’s 133 cars apparently.

Norway has a good economy and a high per-person wealth, plus high taxes which can be reduced to make cars like the Model S attractive, but it is also a country which buys the kind of expensive luxury saloons which the Model S is pitched against, so a good choice of market.

I think it’s great news for a great car and a great country.

Tesla Model S Norway’s best-selling car model –

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Tesla’s blog

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