A handful of Tesla Model S electric cars are now available for rental at two California airports by Hertz, which is adding more “up-scale cars” to its fleet.

Hertz is introducing Tesla Model S and Roadster rechargeable cars at Los Angeles and San Francisco airports, the Park Ridge, New Jersey-based company said yesterday. Hertz has five Teslas combined at the two airports, with rental prices starting at about $500 a day.

The Tesla models expand on a line-up of higher-priced vehicles that Hertz has added to its fleet under its Dream Cars program, which includes Ferrari and Lamborghini models.

Apparently the other big rental company Enterprise, already has three Tesla Model S cars in its Exotic Car Collection fleet.

Not quite EVs for the masses, but Mr Musk is certainly selling a few of them – he’s never out of the mainstream press. This can only be a good thing for the EV industry, and a lot more valuable in terms of public engagement than say; the Nissan Zero Emission concept or the Toyota i-road.

GM refer to Tesla in their own press activities – usually in reference to price, and in turn Tesla announce a cheaper, entry-level model coming soon: it’s all publicity for the industry, for which we should be happy. In the mean time the Japanese manufacturers are doing something else. But they sell a lot of Hybrids and EVs such as the LEAF by engaging directly with the public using test-days and other locally run promos, so who am I to criticise.

Read the full story from Bloomberg here: Tesla Electric Cars Offered by Hertz at Two Airports – Bloomberg

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