USA: Fuji Electric to Offer Financing Program for Charging Stations

Fuji Electric Corp. of America announced that they have partnered with Union Bank and Marlin Leasing Corp. to offer their customers convenient Financing Programs on their DC Quick Charging Stations for Electric Vehicles. The program offers Zero-Down, Zero-Interest financing in an effort to offset the cost of equipment and encourage small businesses to install charging stations at their sites.

“We firmly believe that the development of charging infrastructure in the US, particularly publicly available quick charging, is a critical factor in the mass adoption of EVs,” said Larry Butkovich, Fuji Electric’s General Manager for EV Systems. “Drivers need reassurance that they will be able to access charging stations while on the road, and our Financing Program gives businesses the assistance they need to make a business case for the installation of these Quick Charging Stations.”

Fuji Electric’s UL-Certified 25kW DC Quick Charging Station provides a complete charge to EVs in under an hour, making it ideal for commercial applications such as hotels, restaurants, retail stores, and public highways/interstates. With over 400 units deployed worldwide, the global manufacturer entered the US market in March 2012, and immediately recognized the hesitation among businesses to invest in this technology. Butkovich adds, “Whether we are working (more…)

In Silicon Valley hub, new homes must be wired for electric cars

No sooner had we predicted building standards being used to encourage EV uptake, it happens in Palo Alto.

In our article “Electric Vehicle Ready Garage Now A Standard Feature For Washington DC Based Builders” we suggest it will eventually become part of government and/or regional policy frameworks, to encourage EV uptake: building standards is already one the of the key areas of focus for reducing carbon emissions and this is a logical step.

Now read the article reported by In Silicon Valley hub, new homes must be wired for electric cars

If you build a new home in Tesla Motors’ hometown, your electrician is going to need to wire it up for an electric vehicle charger.

The Palo Alto, Calif., City Council recently endorsed a building-code change that would require builders to include wiring in new homes that can easily be connected to a charger. The council also directed city staff to figure out how to make it easier and cheaper to obtain permits for new EV chargers.

To wire a new house for an electric vehicle charger, it costs under $200 — a quarter of the price tag for installing a charger at an existing home, Palo Alto (more…)

Better Place is reborn as DRiiVZ – Better Place, and is expanding

According to the Israeli press, well publicised financial failure; Better Place, has been re-born as DRiiVZ – Better Place”.

New owner of the company Tzachi Merkur, is attempting to revive the electric car venture in Israel and has signed a contract with fellow Israeli logistics company DRiiVZ, who will be responsible for managing the charging systems, servicing and billing.

Better Place also plans to sell its unsold Renault Electric cars – prior to Merkur’s acquisition of Better Place, the company purchased 350 vehicles from Renault that it did not manage to clear through customs before going bankrupt.

Tzachi Merkur owns various real estate investments and parking facilities and is expected to install DRiiVZ – Better Place charge points at some of the sites he owns.

See original article (in Hebrew) here: Better Place changes its name to DRiiVZ – Better Place (more…)

Bolloré in drive to sell electric car-sharing scheme to Asia –

According to the FT, Bolloré, the French conglomerate behind the successful Autolib EV rental scheme in France, aim to sell their electric car-sharing scheme to Asia and also in London in the UK.

Bolloré view Asia as a key area of growth, and mention the demand generated by the need to tackle air pollution; London also have a problem meeting internationally agreed pollution targets, and it would seem likely that Bolloré are focussing on the markets with more than one incentive to adopt EVs: pollution as well as energy reduction.

This planned expansion comes on the back of a recent announcement that they would be expanding battery production, and partnering with Renault. article (requires subscription): Bolloré in drive to sell electric car-sharing scheme to Asia –

Renault joins Bollore electric success autolib –

Billionaire Bollore Returns to Brittany With Batteries Plant – BLOOMBERG (more…)

Open Charge Alliance expands – aiming to standardise network communications for chargers

The Open Charge Alliance have issued a press release to announce that they will be re-naming and expanding their mission: welcoming existing and new members to support open standard networks for charging electric vehicles.

Now known as “Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) Forum”, the aim of the organisation is to develop interoperability standards, which in simple terms, is the way that charge points will communicate with a central hub – relaying information such as: boot notification, diagnostics status notification, heartbeat, meter values, start transaction, status notification stop transaction and more.

The standard makes use of Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP): a framework which makes it possible to send messages between components over the internet, which has already been standardised for similar applications, so can be simply rolled-out.

Standardising network communications will make it far easier for network operators and smart grid operators to manage networks, and also make it easier for integrators/aggregators to keep EV drivers updated with live charge point availability and location information, and to manage the billing process in the case of pay-per-use chargers.

See a list of the the current members:
Visit the new website:

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The Open Charge Alliance, a global (more…)