Renault joins Bolloré electric after success of Autolib


The Renault and Bolloré groups have signed a letter of intent to study the joint development of car sharing solutions and set up industrial and commercial co-operations in the area of electric vehicles.

1 – Joint marketing of comprehensive electric vehicle car sharing solutions in urban areas
After the success of Autolib´ in 55 Ile-de-France cities and the contracts already won by the Bolloré group in Lyon, Bordeaux and Indianapolis, the Renault and Bolloré groups have decided to study the creation of a joint venture that will seek to conquer and install new projects while meeting the growing demand in France and abroad for electric vehicle car sharing solutions. Renault is could even join the Bolloré Group by acquiring stakes in the capital of Bluely (Lyon) and Bluecub (Bordeaux).

2 – Manufacturing Bluecars in France
The expected development of the number of Bluecars -current four-seater model – and the convertible model which will be launched next June, will drive the growth of production. The two groups will study the transfer of certain manufactures in the Renault group’s plant in Dieppe and the supply of parts and components by the same plant.

3 – Design and mass production of a three-seater vehicle around a Bolloré 20 kWh battery
As Autolib´, which is currently the largest electric vehicle car sharing system in the world, begins its third year of operation, we have noticed that three quarters of rentals usually involve a maximum of three passengers. Based on this observation, the two groups have decided to study the support that Renault can give to the Bolloré group with respect to the design, development and mass production of a three-seater electric model (3.1m long) with a battery life of more than 200 km.

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Download: Renault/Bolloré electric press release

News coverage: Renault joins Bolloré electric

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