NISSAN concept car: for one-child single parents who don’t need to carry anything

Nissan believe this is what we really need for “today’s’ actual vehicle of short driving distance with few passengers”.

I guess they are making the point that most car journeys have one person and travel a short distance, which is a waste. Linking with the European e-mobility agenda: this is a connected vehicle, which in Nissan’s words is a “Seamless mobility service”, designed to connect with public transport systems.

G-wiz_VideoThere is a place for vehicles like this in cities, in fact GoingGreen proved it with the REVA (called the g-wiz in the UK), which has been in service over 10 years.

I can see from the pictures alone that the G-wiz is a better car: it has a boot for one thing. It’s affordable to buy, extremely cost effective to own and practical, it’s become a bit of an icon in the UK, and a sales success.

I don’t personally think that Nissan have achieved a great deal producing this concept – no doubt designing, building and manufacturing a working concept, and then marketing it was a very expensive exercise. What they ended up with is clearly impractical, undesirable, unattractive and totally un-original.

And it’s not “as practical as a scooter”, because it still needs a car-sized parking bay, you can’t filter though traffic and you can’t park it in a front garden (anyone who’s lived in London will know what I mean).

To pitch this publicly as the future of urban transport, and worse still: the future of EVs, might grab headlines, but doesn’t really tackle the short-term issue of taking EVs to the mass market, i.e. giving people a practical replacement for the cars they drive now – like the LEAF.

Nissan: please build a Tesla Model S competitor, and an electric super-car. And also: a family estate car to replace my 3-Series.

More information here: Nissan Zero Emission Website

See the superior, established and successful GoingGreen G-Wiz/REVO, and other models here: GoingGreen

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