Hyundai fuel cell ix35 – on the farm

Hyundai are one of a number of manufacturers who have chosen to favour the fuel cell route to low emissions motoring, and their Hydrogen powered ix35 is being trialled in Europe by the EU Commission backed ‘Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking’ group, who use the vehicle to demonstrate the benefits of hydrogen fuel cell technology to EU policy makers, by driving them around Brussels.

Hyundai claim that the ix35 is “the world’s first production model Hydrogen Fuel Cell vehicle”, Honda’s FCX-Clarity was actually there first, but none the less; the ix35 is an impressive vehicle and like Toyota and Mercedes, they plan to launch a full scale production model in 2015.

Leading up to that launch Hyundai are busily promoting the benefits of Hydrogen to consumers as well as the Policy makers of Brussels – with battery EVs already available to the public, charge networks growing, and the fact that Hydrogen Vehicles will only be useful if drivers can buy Hydrogen: there is a great deal of work to be done to lobby and encourage the infrastructure investment to happen for fuel cell vehciles as well as Battery EVs: the role out of hydrogen filling stations is now a key target for Hyundai, Toyota and Mercedes.

An upcoming example of Hyundai’s consumer awareness campaign is an event in London called the “Hyundai fuel cell farm”…

“Hyundai is about to unveil a world-first: a unique piece of design theatre that aims to educate people about the real-life benefits of hydrogen fuel cell technology. Due to be revealed at the Design Museum in London on Monday 21st October, the unique aquaponics installation will be a one-off ‘Fuel Cell Farm’ powered by Hyundai’s ground-breaking technology.

Aquaponics is a sustainable farming solution; a combination of hydroponics (growing plants in water) and aquaculture (raising fish in tanks). Taking the water vapour emitted by the ix35 Fuel Cell, the Fuel Cell Farm condenses it into water which then filters into the fish tank – the aquaponics technology harnesses the minerals from the fish waste to grow vegetables on the farm.

Hyundai has collaborated with London-based sustainability creatives, Something & Son, to create the Fuel Cell Farm and it will be unveiled by Deputy Mayor of London, Kit Malthouse on October 21st.”

Sounds odd, but I think I’ll go along and have a look – I’ll take the kids, they might learn something.

See more about Hyundai’s Hydrogen Fuel cell cars:

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