Good news – big OEM investing in to the successful Autolib subscription service – this is how new technology projects work: the pioneers tend to be risk takers, and the big OEMs who need to protect their brand and shareholders from high risks buy-in later once it’s proven successful – which is why it’s so important for policy makers and government backed funding to invest in the first place…

French automaker Renault and the Bollore family group that runs a successful pay-as-you go electric car network in Paris, are teaming up to develop technology.

In a statement, the groups said they had agreed to develop car sharing systems for electric cars and cooperate on the manufacturing of the Bollore Bluecar that has become a common sight in Paris since the launch of the Autolib rental scheme in 2011.

French Industry Minister Arnaud Montebourg said the tie-up, first reported by Le Figaro newspaper, was “necessary”, and would allow Renault to take advantage of the Bollore-developed battery that has proved its merit.

The Autolib service deploys all-electric cars for public use on a paid subscription basis, based around a citywide network of parking and charging stations.

The successful scheme currently has 34,000 subscribers, 1,800 vehicles and around 4,000 charging points in the French capital and its suburbs, and has been extended to other cities such as Lyon and Bordeaux.

There were nearly 6,000 electric cars registered in France last year, of which a third were Autolib’ vehicles, according to the Bollore group.

France's Renault teams up with electric car pioneer.

Bollore Group website

Autolib website

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