Interesting press release from a US building company: US building firm Capital City Builders, LLC today announced its new “EV-Ready Garage” initiative, making the installation of 240 Volt power used to charge electric vehicles from auto makers such as Tesla, BMW, and Ford standard in all its homes going forward.

I am sure this will be a growing trend, and perhaps it will eventually become part of government and/or regional policy frameworks, to encourage EV uptake – building standards is already one the of the key areas of focus for reducing carbon emissions: the building industry in Europe and the US is subject to tight controls and regulations in areas such as insulation and energy use.

And financial incentives exist in many countries to support installation of renewable energy generation such as PV and geothermal, so why not EV charging?

For commercial developments such as shopping malls, offices as well as public buildings, the compulsory installation of charge points would be hugely beneficial to EV uptake and a way of building more charge points where they are needed, without having to use tax payers funds to pay for it.

More from pioneering builders Capital City Builders, LLC…

Capital City Builders, LLC, a leader in luxury homes in the Northern Virginia area, has always strived to stay ahead of customer demands. Managing Partner Ali Khazai believes that electric cars are here to stay. The close-in suburbs of the Nation’s Capital are ideally suited for “electric commuting”. Expecting consumer demand for high voltage plugs in the garage to sky rocket in the next year, Capital City Builders, LLC has decided to make EV-Ready Garages a standard option.

“As a small family owned business I remember when my father first made air conditioning a standard feature. Several years ago we made Cat6 a standard feature for data and voice and now we are adding these 240 volt outlets in the garage. It may be viewed as crazy now but in a few years it will be as standard as the garbage disposal.”

On the weekend of October 5th and 6th, Capital City Builders, LLC will be showcasing its latest home at 6920 Arbor Lane which features the “EV-Ready Garage”. Its homes to be constructed at 6913 Arbor Lane and 1317 Kirby Road will have two separate meters provided by Dominion Virginia Power. One meter will be the standard meter found in most homes. A second meter will be servicing the garage at a discounted rate provided by the power company.

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