China’s GAC Trumpchi E-jet hybrid will have a special plug

Chinese state-owned auto-giant Guangzhou Automobile Group’s clever concept hybrid is going to have a special plug…

A marketing plug in the next installment of the Hollywood blockbuster Transformers movie. Apparently the movie series is a big hit in China and much of the latest picture is being filmed there.

The Trumpchi E-jet is only a concept at the moment, but it has a rather interesting drive train, which Guangzhou Automobile Group are developing with the South China University of Technology. The system uses a small (1000cc), four-cylinder petrol engine to power an on-board generator, with an electric motor driving the wheels and “an advanced lithium-ion polymer battery pack” to store power: it’s a plug-in hybrid, obviously.

GAC_Chinese_Hybrid_drivetrainClever marketing and I’m sure we will see more and more Chinese cars on the big screen, and hopefully for sale in Europe and the US as they expand their efforts globally. I really like the look of the E-jet.

News via Chinese e-car set for Transformers movie debut | Reuters

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