The new vehicle subsidy in China has been renewed for 3 years – no major change in the policy and no addition of Hybrids as some had been expecting. Hydrogen powered vehicles have been added though.

Pollution is the major factor in China, rather than economic drivers to advance vehicle manufacturing that we see in places like Germany and Japan.

But the policy is none the less designed to benefit Chinese manufacturers, hence the omission of hybrids from the subsidy, despite the fact they would help to reduce pollution faster in the short-term.

“China, under pressure to reduce air pollution, renewed subsidies for individual purchases of electric vehicles for three years, without including hybrid models among new-energy vehicles that qualify for incentives.

The central government will provide as much as 60,000 yuan ($9,800) toward the purchase of an all-electric passenger vehicle and as much as 500,000 yuan for an electric bus, according to a joint statement by the National Development and Reform Commission and finance, science and industry ministries. Fuel-cell vehicles, which are powered by hydrogen, were included for the first time in the plan and will qualify for as much as 500,000 yuan in rebates”

Full story here: China Renews Electric Vehicle Subsidies Without Adding Hybrids – Businessweek

And from Reuters: China renews subsidies for green vehicles – Reuters

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