Open Charge Alliance expands – aiming to standardise network communications for chargers

The Open Charge Alliance have issued a press release to announce that they will be re-naming and expanding their mission: welcoming existing and new members to support open standard networks for charging electric vehicles.

Now known as “Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) Forum”, the aim of the organisation is to develop interoperability standards, which in simple terms, is the way that charge points will communicate with a central hub – relaying information such as: boot notification, diagnostics status notification, heartbeat, meter values, start transaction, status notification stop transaction and more.

The standard makes use of Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP): a framework which makes it possible to send messages between components over the internet, which has already been standardised for similar applications, so can be simply rolled-out.

Standardising network communications will make it far easier for network operators and smart grid operators to manage networks, and also make it easier for integrators/aggregators to keep EV drivers updated with live charge point availability and location information, and to manage the billing process in the case of pay-per-use chargers.

See a list of the the current members:
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ABB wins contract to build world’s largest nationwide network of EV fast-charging stations
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ABB wins contract to build world’s largest nationwide network of EV fast-charging stations

ABB has won the contract for nationwide electric vehicle fast-charging infrastructure in the Netherlands bringing a charging station within 50 kms of all 16.7 million inhabitants.

The charge equipment manufacturer has been selected by Fastned to supply chargers to more than 200 electric vehicle fast-charging stations in the Netherlands, bringing an EV fast charger within 50 kilometers of all of the country’s 16.7 million inhabitants.

Each of the more than 200 Fastned stations along Dutch highways will be equipped with several multi-standards fast chargers, such as the 50 kilowatt (kW) Terra 52 and Terra 53 models, capable of charging electric vehicles in 15-30 minutes. The first ABB Terra fast chargers are due to be delivered in September 2013. Construction of the Fastned stations, which will have solar canopies, is expected to be completed by 2015.

To date, the Netherlands is the most populous country to roll out a nationwide fast-charging network. Fast-chargers will be located a maximum of 50 kilometers apart along all highways, and because of ABB’s multi-standard design, the network will be capable of serving EVs offered by all major car brands from Europe, Asia and the USA. ABB’s open standards-based cloud connectivity solution allows Fastned to create a (more…)

Athlon Tesla Model S Real Long Distance Record is broken in Europe
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Athlon Tesla Model S Real Long Distance Record is broken in Europe

Some adventurous Eindhoven University of Technology students supported by Tesla and Athlon Car Lease have set a new long distance record for the Tesla Model S: 625 kilometers on one charge.

Watch the video, plus links to the full story and a blog report of the journey below.

“Our Tesla had driven 625.5 km on one single charge. For this distance it used 79.8 kWh, which means 127.6 Wh/km on average. After popping the champagne and shaking hands, and of course pushing the Tesla to its charging point, we packed our stuff and drove back home to get some well-deserved rest.”

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