On the US “National Plug In Day” 2013, Jerry Brown, Governor of California signed six new bills to encourage drivers to buy electric cars.

“Today, we reaffirm our commitment in California to an electric vehicle future,” Brown said.

The bills:

  1. Extend until 2019 the white-sticker program that permits pure zero-emission vehicles – 100 percent battery electric, hydrogen fuel cell and compressed natural gas – to use carpool lanes, regardless of the number of occupants.
  2. Extend until 2019 the green-sticker program that allows up to 40,000 advanced-technology low-emission vehicles to use carpool lanes. Qualifying vehicles include superclean plug-in hybrids and possibly some hydrogen-fueled internal combustion engines.
  3. Make charging stations open to all electric-vehicle drivers, as well as easier to locate and simpler to use.
  4. Require state housing and building standards agencies to develop standards for including electric-vehicle charging infrastructure in multifamily housing and nonresidential developments.
  5. Provide $48 million to fund incentive programs to encourage electric-vehicle purchases and fleet modernization efforts.
  6. Extend until 2024 several programs that intend to reduce automobile emissions by supporting low-emission vehicle technology development and modernization.

Full story via SFGate.com Governor approves 6 laws encouraging electric cars

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