Business lease & fleet management operator focussing on e-mobility

As often reported here; business vehicle and rental fleets are a key part of taking EVs to the mass market – not only are fleets a bigger win in terms of the number of vehicles covered per transaction, but they also influence the market in other ways:

1) Fleet operators and businesses that offer company lease vehicles to staff, are an obvious target for expanding charge networks: charge points at the work-place is a key part of the strategy in most countries to encourage adoption of plug-in vehicles. It makes sense for many business to reduce fuel costs long term, through a short-term investment in charge hardware that can be off-set as a capital expenditure. Installing charge points at employees homes is another possibility, and would be considered an employee benefit for many staff.

2) Pragmatism: with the right information in front of them; Businesses tend to be more likely to recognise cost savings, and act by incorporating vehicles in to their fleets that reduce longer-term operating costs, because businesses are focussed on the bottom line: Businesses are more likely to invest short term than many than consumers who might find it harder, or less-attractive to spend more at the point of purchase.

3) Commercial fleets are one of the biggest supply sources for used vehicles, in particular the larger car sector. This is even more the case since 2008 as the number of private buyers dropped more than the number of fleet sales – a trend that will continue for many European countries that are still in recession or slow economic growth. The second-hand market is where many people will try EVs for the first time and will strongly influence public adoption.

It’s welcome news that BMW-owned Alphabet has launched an e-mobility product for businesses called AlphaElectric, which is end-to-end, from assessment and defining suitability, to supply, support and management. And they don’t just offer BMWs either.

According to CEO of Alphabet Ed Frederiks: “Modern mobility is now inconceivable without the participation of eMobility. State-of-the-art electric vehicles and the rapid expansion of the charging network demonstrate this. Today, most companies would like to integrate eMobility; however, the thrill of its progress must be balanced by pragmatism. Ultimately, fleet solutions need to be cost-efficient, convenient and comprehensive; requirements that, up until now, have not been combined together in any eMobility offer. Now there is an answer. This year, Alphabet launched AlphaElectric, the first ever eMobility solution in Europe to promise all four aspects in one easy approach.”

…It analyses the potential for introducing electric vehicles into your fleet and then provides all elements necessary for optimal fleet electrification including the vehicles, charging infrastructure and add-on mobility services”

AlphaElectric claims to cover all aspects of electrifying a fleet, and will look at the suitability of your fleet for partial or full electrification.

1) Fleet Consulting: analysis of the client eMobility needs and selection of EVs
2) Charging Solutions: provision of charging facilities – home or at the office
3) eMobility Services: A to Z management from funding arrangements to additional services

Plus AlphaElectric provides rental cars for longer journeys, driver training, and a smartphone application for the location of charging facilities.

Read more about alphaelectric here:

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