According to the FT, Bolloré, the French conglomerate behind the successful Autolib EV rental scheme in France, aim to sell their electric car-sharing scheme to Asia and also in London in the UK.

Bolloré view Asia as a key area of growth, and mention the demand generated by the need to tackle air pollution; London also have a problem meeting internationally agreed pollution targets, and it would seem likely that Bolloré are focussing on the markets with more than one incentive to adopt EVs: pollution as well as energy reduction.

This planned expansion comes on the back of a recent announcement that they would be expanding battery production, and partnering with Renault. article (requires subscription): Bolloré in drive to sell electric car-sharing scheme to Asia –

Renault joins Bollore electric success autolib –

Billionaire Bollore Returns to Brittany With Batteries Plant – BLOOMBERG

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