The SMART EM project is designed to look at business and market models and infrastructures that will enable sustainable and viable electric mobility. The core of the analysis focuses on the individual, in particular the impact of technological developments and dynamic pricing systems around user behavior. The research will define market and business models, as well as the design and prototype implementation of the software components of an intelligent charging, network and ICT infrastructure.

The Consortium is now made up of…

University of Paderborn – Academic research
Orga Systems GmbH – Billing systems and software implimentation
E.ON Westfalen Weser AG – User and network data
Morpho Cards GmbH – infrastructure and data
UNITY – Management Consultancy

The full press release from Orga Systems…

Orga Systems takes part in prestigious research program on e-Mobility
Paderborn consortium from science and industry explores electric vehicles’ future opportunities

Paderborn (Germany), 24 September 2013 – Orga Systems, a leading software vendor for real-time charging and billing solutions, with an international customer base in the telecommunications, utilities and automotive markets, is a research partner of the project SMART EM. In cooperation with strong players such as energy supplier Westfalen Weser Netz (former E.ON Westfalen Weser) and University of Paderborn’s Software Quality Lab (s-lab), Orga Systems’ research team develops and simulates market models for an effective e-Mobility infrastructure. The project comprises the identification of suitable business and market models as well as infrastructures that enable sustainable and viable electric mobility.

The approach of the SMART EM project is to take all involved and relevant stakeholders into account (e.g. utilities, vehicle manufacturers, Communications Service Providers, ICT suppliers, end users, government) and to elaborate realistic scenarios to build a comprehensive cross-domain model. This will then be simulated and mathematically optimized. “In addition to the impact of technological developments, the effects of dynamic tariff schemes on user and system behavior will be analyzed as well,” explains Dr. Dirk Fischer, Director of Research at Orga Systems.

An intelligent ICT infrastructure is key
Amongst others, one result of the project focuses on the prototypical implementations of software components for an intelligent ICT infrastructure in the application area of electric mobility. In particular, for online rating, charging and billing of electric vehicle charging, energy storage, recovery and last but not least related value-added services play a significant role. Furthermore, the results represent an important basis for the development of field studies and should ultimately lead to the establishment of a simulation center for electric mobility.

The project is one of the winners of the research program “ElektroMobil.NRW”. The consortium receives partial funding from the state of North Rhine-Westphalia and the European Commission.

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