Press Release: Liberty e-care Launch Repair Programme for the Ford Transit Connect Electric Van

COVENTRY, England – Liberty e-care, a division of Liberty Electric Cars, is expanding its business as ever more EVs populate our roads. The company recently launched its repair programme for the Ford Transit Connect electric van, an all-electric van developed in a collaborative venture between Azure Dynamics and Ford Motor Company. The Transit Connect Electric is well suited for commercial fleets that travel predictable, short-range routes with frequent stop-and-start driving, in urban and suburban environments. The vehicle has a 75 mile per hour top speed and can drive up to 80 miles on a single charge—perfect for the requirements of a local delivery cycle.

The electric van had been launched in 2010 in the US and Europe; among the first US customers were AT&T, Canada Post, the New York Power Authority and Southern California Edison. Around 1500 units were sold globally before Azure stopped production in March 2012. Liberty e-care’s staff has developed a full programme to service and repair these vehicles especially with regard to the battery which is no longer available. This unique service is available to both Ford main dealers and directly to the owners of Transit Connect Electric vehicles.

Liberty e-Care is one of the key (more…)

First Saietta R electric sports bike sells – Motorcycle news
Electric motorcycles

First Saietta R electric sports bike sells – Motorcycle news

Hopefully the first of many – I’m a massive motorbike fan.saietta_R_1_440x291

I think that one of the people commenting on the Visordown site made a valid point though: the bike is aimed at the super rich and is marketed as such, but isn’t actually that pricey.

Don’t get me wrong; the sooner electric bikes go mainstream the better, but right now they are still a novelty, so maybe the niche manufacturers who are brave or mad enough to borrow the money to develop them should be taking advantage of their early adopters with the money to spend on such oddities.

“A London-based financier has become the first person in the world to own of a production version of the Saietta R, which does 0-60mph in 3.9 seconds and 112 miles per battery charge. Mark Northwood also contributed to final development tweaks after test-riding the £16,770 machine.”

First Saietta R electric sports bike sells – Motorcycle news : General news – Visordown.

See more at Agility’s website here: (more…)

Toyota Fuel Cell Hybrid Vehicle concept headed to Frankfurt
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Toyota Fuel Cell Hybrid Vehicle concept headed to Frankfurt

More PR for the hydrogen Prius [sorry; FCV-R] concept: have a look at it yourself at the Frankfurt car show.

Hard to believe the origional hybrid is 16 years old – good on Toyota for continuing to pioneer…


“TOYOTA PREPARES FOR 2015 PRODUCTION FUEL CELL HYBRID VEHICLE LAUNCH KEY POINTS Toyota on course to launch its first hydrogen fuel cell vehicle in 2015 Technology builds on Toyota’s world-leading hybrid powertrain expertise to capture the zero-emissions potential of hydrogen-electric system FCV-R concept signposts Toyota’s progress towards developing an affordable four-door saloon model for production, with no compromise in interior space and a cruising range of more than 300 miles”

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More about the Next-generation fuel-cell concept “FCV-R” on Toyota’s site here:

Frankfurt car show: (more…)

Tesla motors to start buying batteries from Samsung and others, to secure supply

TESLA_model-sNow widely reported, but possibly first by the Korea Herald, “Samsung SDI and Tesla Motors are in the final stage of signing a contract for the Korean firm to supply lithium ion batteries for the California-based electric carmaker”.

Panasonic currently supply batteries to Tesla, but with big ambitions; Tesla need more suppliers: batteries are still a bottle neck for electric vehicle manufacturers and reliance on few manufacturers is a major supply chain concern that could halt production.

According to Frost and Sullivan: “the EV Li-ion battery chemical and materials market is expected to grow FROST AND SULLIVAN LOGOat a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 125 per cent from 2010 to 2016.

Chemicals and materials suppliers in the EV batteries market can expect exponential growth, as major OEMs launch their EV range with a plan for commercial production.


All the major automotive manufacturers
are developing EVs — considered the next generation of vehicles and a means for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to differentiate themselves to stay ahead of the competition. Escalating oil prices (more…)

Business Insider Compares Tesla Model S to 9 Other Plug-In Vehicles

All credit deservingly goes to Business Insider for this snazzy graphic that compares the Tesla Model S to 9 of today’s other plug-in vehicles. Sure, there are a few flaws in the graphic (MPGe is listed in miles, for example), but it still brings together and, sums up rather precisely, most of the available plug-ins [...] (more…)

Toyota Yaris Hybrid-R concept – is a hot hatch hybrid the way forward?
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Toyota Yaris Hybrid-R concept – is a hot hatch hybrid the way forward?

Story via Toyota has disclosed full details for its IAA-bound Yaris Hybrid-R concept scheduled to get its public outing at the 2013 Frankfurt car show.

Looks pretty cool to me, and hot hatch hybrids might prove to be a clever approach to the market, and a welcome change to the “sensible/low running cost/environmental” approach.

VW had huge success in the 70s and 80s selling masses of their sensible family hatchback (the Golf) on the back of the less-than-sensible hot hatch GTI version. The hot hatch success provided the foundations to make VW the giant they are today, and was widely copied by other manufacturers.

The Type-R brand has been successful for Honda in recent years and they have helped to re-invigorate the hot-hatch market – perhaps Toyota are planning the same thing?

Outside of the US and Japan Toyota are not a manufacturer that the public would immediately think “motorsport” or “high performance cars” or “hot hatches” – at least not in recent years: They have had few serious attempts with hot hatches lately and have produced very few production performance cars of any note since the mighty Supra. That said; they do race cars, they have a rich racing history and they (more…)