Interesting article on the Washington Post website yesterday – 5 things that need to happen before electric cars go mainstream.

Nothing especially ground breaking in the article – well known issues that the industry is addressing daily, but the data they use tells a story in itself.

In particular the sales numbers in the US August, which seems to have prompted this article in the first place – a lot of the data is sourced from

Some highlights…

  • Hybrids break the 50,000 barrier to set 53,020
  • Plugins break the 10,000 barrier to set 11,363
  • August was a very strong month for passenger vehicles in general, and many alternative tech vehicles in particular
  • Electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles the Volt and Leaf both had their best months since their launch

Oddly (from a European perspective), they seem to group Diesel vehicles as “alternative tech vehicles”. Clearly still a novelty in the US, with sales barely over 1%.

The five things (in case you didn’t already know), as follows…
(respect to Lydia DePillis of the Washington Post for accurate wording of number 2, which could easily have been “range needs to increase”)

  1. Batteries need to get cheaper
  2. Drivers need to believe they won’t be stranded
  3. Policy supports need to expand, and not disappear unpredictably
  4. Fuel prices need to get high and stay high
  5. More people need to try electric cars


Original article: These 5 things need to happen before electric cars really go mainstream

Sales data:

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