The charging standards organisation CHAdeMO have published a handy google map showing all 3073 (and counting) of CHAdeMO’s DC Quick chargers installed globally.

Obviously they have a head-start on the SAE Combo standard. But by the look of things that wont make much difference as the European and US manufacturers are not only forging ahead with COMBO, but seem to be intent on blocking progression with the Japanese backed CHAdeMO – the well publicized statement by Shad Balch, GM’s manager of environment and energy policy, where he called for the boycott of CHAdeMO chargers.

The the European Parliament had apparently signaled that it will only support CHEdeMO charging connectors being installed until the end of 2018. Obviously CHEdeMO are fighting that with support from the UK MEP Fiona Hall who issued a statement on her website where she “quashed industry rumours that the CHAdeMO quick chargers widely installed across the UK and Europe will be banned under draft European legislation”.

CHAdeMO’s are clearly signaling for a push for dual charging – in CHAdeMO’s Tomoko Blech’s article “Navigating the charging business” he states…

“With a new group of charging technology, Combo, entering the market soon, they have made a rational decision to serve them both by asking for multistandard chargers. The multi-standard charger, in itself a testimonial of European technological competitiveness, was a logical solution for all stakeholders, and it will only make sense if policy makers in Europe support this by allowing multiple standards to coexist, and not singling out a standard

We watch with interest as this spat continues to un-fold; with the obvious dangers of it adding credibility to the anti-ev lobbyists argument against infrastructure investment, and adding to the consumer concerns which prevent uptake. On that basis alone it seems counter-intuitive and short sighted on the EU and US OEM car manufacturers to adopt a different standard: while they may see CHAdeMO as offering Japan an advantage in the market, they seem to be cutting of their noses to spite their faces, because this is likely to slow down charger installation, increase the costs of charger installation, and further slow the consumer uptake of EVs.

Perhaps it’s time to accept that Japan have the advantage: they lead pretty much every aspect of the EV market because they have been quick to adopt and roll out technology – CHAdeMO itself it almost 13 years old and is global as a result.

It’s a fact of life, but none the less hugely frustrating that the European Parliament constantly react in this way to the commercial interests of a few large corporations, at the obvious detriment and costs to member-state tax payers – politics at work.

See the map here

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SAE J1772 – COMBO standard

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CHAdeMO’s Tomoko Blech – Navigating the charging business – PDF

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